Body Freedom

Are you SO done with years of chronic dieting

and trying to lose weight? 


Are you ready to let go of the toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs

and get your FREEDOM back? 


Are you feeling empowered to dig into your emotions, really feel it all, and then release them and HEAL?


Are you ready to become the strong, powerful version of yourself

that you KNOW is inside of you just waiting to be unleashed?


is a 6-month GROUP COACHING program that supports women to:

  • End chronic dieting and learn to eat intutively.

  • Free yourself of the toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs and get your freedom back

  • Process and release emotions that have been buried, and

  • Replace self-judgment with self-love!

We take a holistic approach to weight loss, body image, and life.


We are not just physical beings, we are:  Body, Mind, Emotion, and Spirit.

All of it must be addressed for long-lasting change. 


are the four pillars of our program:


We learn to live in our body and be present in each moment, feel our hunger and fullness signals,

and recognize, appreciate, and trust our body and the world around us. 


We recognize our toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs and learn how to make powerful shifts

to end the racing thoughts in our head and consciously create more positive outcomes. 


We use my emotional processing technique to recognize, process, heal and release emotions

that have been buried so deeply that you may not even know they're there. 


We connect back to our inner wisdom.

Our connection to God = Our connection to LOVE. 

Are you wondering if you're a good fit for this program?

Let me ask you a few questions before I answer that:

  • Are you a woman that's been unhappy

    with your body for a long time?

  • Have you been on multiple diets, gaining

    and losing weight repeatedly over your lifetime?

  • Do you feel like something must be wrong

    with you because you don't have "willpower"

    or "discipline" to stick to healthy habits

    for the long-term?

  • Have you struggled with anxiety and/or depression and go down rabbit holes of totally beating yourself up when you don't do what

    you say you will?

  • Can you imagine being done with diet restriction and punishing exercise programs forever?

  • Can you imagine ending the negative and toxic thoughts about your body and replacing the

    self-judgement with self-love?

  • Can you imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see?

  • Are you ready to take ownership of your life?

If you answered YES to all (or most) of these questions, you just might be the perfect fit for "BODY FREEDOM"!!!

After completing my program, you will:

  • Be done with dieting forever

  • Eat intuitively

  • Connect to positive thoughts and powerful beliefs

  • Know how to process and release emotions as they come up for you, and 

  • Replace self-judgment with self-love!